Auto run on Scum and other games

After started playing Scum i was looking for autorun function and didnt find any in the game so i start reasearch and find a software called AutoHotKey that you can make a script file doing macros.

So i look in to it and write this this script that makes when i press one of my mouse side buttons its hold in W and when i click again its stop holding it.

All you need is to download and install AutoHotKey and create a file on example the desktop called “Press W toggle.ahk” or what you like it the have.

And open the file in example notepad and paste in this code:

If GetKeyState("w")
Send {w Up}
Send {w Down}

And save the file, every time you go in to the game double click on that file and its shows a green icon with the clock with a white H on it, then its running the script.

Then go in to the game and when you like to auto go or run press the mouse side mouse button.

What you need to know is that you can not alt+tab out to other windows becouse then it stops and start write W on the place you put your mouse marker.w